Yachad Chamber Orchestra

The Yachad Chamber Orchestra is the first orchestra created specifically to unite German and Israeli musicians. It was founded in 2018 on Israel’s 70th anniversary and has meanwhile developed into a major international project.

The vision of the YCO is to build new bridges between Israel and Germany as well to involve other countries for developing cooperation and cultural exchange with the Jewish State.

The founder and conductor of the orchestra is Dr. Roman Salyutov – concert pianist, conductor, musicologist and organizer of music projects of Jewish descent, born in the Soviet Union and living in Germany.

The orchestra has already performed in Israel, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and France, and sending for the first time its Soloists Trio to Melbourne as part of the project “Bridges to Friendship”, supported by the German Embassy in Canberra.

An important occasion for the orchestra in Melbourne is the contact with the Israeli-Australian composer Alon Trigger, whose works, including his current “Kristallnacht-Cantata”, the musicians are going to take into their repertoire and perform it in different countries around the world.

In the upcoming concert in the T. B. I. on September 1, the Yachad Soloists Trio, consisting of Liv Migdal (violin), Lev Gordin (cello) and Roman Salyutov (piano), will feature works by composers, who are either connected by their origin or their occupation with the Jewish theme. From German-speaking countries: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Max Bruch, Ernest Bloch, Paul Ben Haim and Viktor Ullmann, from Russia: Dmitry Shostakovich, from Australia: Alon Trigger