Windows for Students

Education is a core element of the Jewish experience, and we take it upon ourselves to share our traditions, customs and way of viewing the world in both excursion and incursion formats. All programs are supported by age-appropriate materials to use either as a primer or follow-up in your classroom.


Our trained facilitators come to you so that you may explore Judaism through its many facets. Possible topics include the Sabbath, The Five Books of Moses, the three Pilgrimage Festivals and Jewish Music. We can tailor the presentation to match your curricular needs.


Bring your students to us, and our trained facilitators will provide them with an introduction to Judaism and Jewish life while exploring the art and artefacts of our sacred space. Visits are typically one to two hours long, and can be extended and adapted to match your curricular needs.

For more information or to make a booking please contact 9510 1488 or [email protected]