At Temple Beth Israel we recognise that a Jewish wedding (popularly called a chuppah, after the canopy under which the couple stand) is one of the great moments in a Jewish life, filled with holiness and joy. We are happy to perform a chuppah at the synagogue or in locations outside the synagogue, as long as they can sustain the qualities of sanctity and simchah (celebration), which are at the very core of the wedding ceremony.

In planning your wedding, please contact us several months in advance to ensure one of our Rabbis is available to officiate. We will then arrange an interview with the Rabbi or cantor to work out the details of the ceremony. We normally meet two or three times with a couple well in advance of the ceremony. The synagogue has a Guide to Weddings, which is worth perusing before the first meeting with the Rabbi.

By Australian law the wedding must be registered at least one month and not more than six months before the event. This can be done through the TBI office.

TBI prides itself on its egalitarian values. Not only are men and women treated equally in virtually every respect, but there is also a respectful and welcoming attitude towards those who form minority groups in our society. We welcome and celebrate all members of our diverse community, including lesbian, bisexual and gay people who are same-sex attracted, as well as transgender individuals whose gender identity differs from the one assigned to them at birth.