The Sukkot Window

Sukkot whole hi-resThis panel celebrates the thanksgiving festival, also known as the Feast of Booths or the Feast of Ingathering. Dwelling in the fragile booth or Sukkah reminds us of the exodus from Egypt and of those who had no possessions in the wilderness and no houses in which to live. The window shows God’s harvest bounty heaped on the table in each Sukkah, the tables are formed from the letter “chai” or life. We give thanks for God’s goodness.

The sun and the moon are both represented for it is the equinox. The direction in which the columns of smoke blow indicates the prosperity of the coming year. (Reference, Schauss, The Jewish Festivals, page 185.). The sky is blessed with rain and water is drawn from the earth. The four symbolic species, willow, myrtle, palm and the etrog are bound together and shaken in celebration of God’s bounty at the end of the harvest and are also associated with prayers for rain. God’s miracle in sustaining the Israelites in the desert is still with us.