Shabbat Matters

On Rosh HaShanah Morning, Rabbi Lazarow launched #ShabbatMatters and challenged our community to find meaning in Judaism’s oldest, and most important holy day.

We are challenging each member of our congregation to celebrate two Shabbatot a month – one in shul, and one at home, and to find creative ways to do so. Each week, we will share a new resource or opportunity with you and your family through this page and our Kol Yisrael Weekly. In return, we hope you will share your ideas and experiences with us.


 Shabbat Resources

To support your celebration of Shabbat, please use the links below to download copies of our Shabbat Table Service booklet, and our Shabbat Song Book. Printed copies are available from our office by calling 9510 1488 or emailing [email protected].

 Shabbat Song Book  Shabbat Table Service

 Video Resources

TBI Fellows Josh and Sarah welcoming the Shabbat Angels with Shalom Aleichem (Music by Debbie Friedman):

Share Your Shabbat – #ShabbatMatters

We want you to start brainstorming about how we can be Shomeir Shabbat – how we can observe Shabbat in ways that will work for us and our families. We want to share these ideas with each other, and invite you to “hash-tag” your experiences via social media so that we can join in this journey together.

Posting public content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #ShabbatMatters will feed directly to this page.