Recognition Award Nominations


This award recognises ongoing, outstanding contribution to the TBI community and provides the recipient with a monetary allocation of up to $3000 to support attendance and/or travel to a conference, seminar or workshop that can lead to the benefit of TBI.

Eligibility criteria

The nominee must:
1) be a TBI member who has provided exceptional service to the TBI community during the previous five years and continues to serve TBI.
2) be in a position to use the monetary allocation provided by the award within six months of receiving the award for the purpose of making a substantial, future contribution to TBI through one or more of the following activities:

  • initiating and supporting programs and services for TBI members
  • enhancing communication with TBI members
  • ensuring service delivery meets the needs and expectations of TBI members
  • developing and promoting philanthropic opportunities for TBI
  • undertaking research of benefit to TBI’s planning for the future
  • assisting with TBI’s administration.

3) agree to make a commitment to disseminate widely the benefits of receiving the award to the TBI community.
Prior to the award being ratified by the Board of Governance, the nominee will be required to commit to the following future actions:

  • provide a written report to the Board of Governance as well as an article for the Kol Yisrael magazine setting out the benefits of their award for the TBI community
  • speak to the Board of Governance and to the TBI community about how the monetary allocation from the award was used and what was learned that will be of assistance to TBI
  • make one or more recommendations to the Board of Governance as a result of the activity undertaken through their award and with the aim of benefitting TBI
  • continue to serve TBI in a leadership or other key role for a period of two years.

Selection Criteria

The successful nominee for this award will have displayed significant effort for the development of the TBI community. This could be demonstrated through the following:

  • has significantly contributed to TBI through service to it
  • has demonstrated initiative, creativity and perseverance in seeking ways to serve TBI
  • is committed to working with and for others, and has inspired and motivated others to serve the TBI community.

 Application Process

Nominations must be made on the below application form.
The nominator must be a TBI member.
The nominator may advise the nominee of the application.
The TBI Honours Committee will consider all applications received by the closing date and decide who is to receive the award.
Before the selected nomination is referred to the Board of Governance for final ratification, the Chairperson of the Committee will contact the selected nominee and will ask them to provide a written agreement that they will fulfil eligibility criterion number three.
If the Committee decides that none of the nominees meet the eligibility and selection criteria for the award, the award will not be given.
The Chairperson of the Committee will advise all nominators of the outcome of their application.

Download Nomination Form Here