Project Pomegranate

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Together the sweet red seeds cluster under a protective shell. The hidden gems are the people, programs and services that take place at TBI every day of the year. And, just like the pomegranate, we need a hard exterior to protect all that goes on within.

A security review has revealed TBI’s need to improve security in the current heightened environment.

Project Pomegranate is our response to protect our community and our community centre from external threats. We aim to provide greater security while remaining inviting.

We must:

  • Rebuild and reinforce our front fence
  • Build an entirely new entry that separates vehicles and pedestrians
  • Reinforce all our windows
  • Train TBI security personnel to support CSG; to be in attendance whenever we open our doors.

We need to protect that which we have always taken for granted in Australia, but sadly cannot any longer. Project Pomegranate is a $350,000 major unplanned but essential capital project. We do not qualify for government grants nor do we have the cash reserves. Without your support the seeds of our pomegranate are at risk – the educational and cultural programs we offer will suffer when funds are diverted to protect our building.

How You Can Help

You can either donate directly to Project Pomegranate or support either of the tax deductible education or cultural funds (CJES and PJCF). TBI will rely on the generous grants from these funds to provide many of their cultural and educational programs in the future.

Please help us remain strong.

Robert Hershan, President