Rabbi Gersh Lazarow


Rabbi Gersh Lazarow is passionate educator with a strong commitment to Progressive Jewish values, tradition and community. As a university student, Gersh served as federal Director of Netzer Australia and as the Chairperson of the Zionist Youth Council of Victoria.

As a young professional, Gersh served as the Youth & Program Director of the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong and as the Education Director of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles.

In 2009 Gersh returned to Melbourne to take up the position of Rabbi of The King David School where he directed the Department of Jewish Life and Learning and served on the school’s senior management team. In this capacity Rabbi Lazarow conceived and established the much-heralded Centre for Living Judaism that is quickly changing the face of Progressive Judaism in our region.

In 2010, Gersh also took on the rabbinic leadership role at Bentleigh Progressive Synagogue where he led the Congregation’s transformation to the renewed Etz Chayim Progressive Synagogue.

Rabbi Lazarow is married to Michelle and they have two children.