Mitzvah Day was born out of the belief that we can all make a positive difference to our world by taking action – together.

Mitzvah Day is based on the Jewish values of:

  • Tzedek – Righteousness
  • Gemilut Chassadim – Acts of loving kindness
  • Tikkun Olam – Repairing the world

It is a way for us all to make our mark, in some small way.

TBI has been participating in Mitzvah Day since 2013. Once again, we have a range of activities for all members of our community:

  • TBI families are invited to a picnic at the Melbourne Museum with refugee/asylum seeker families and Salvation Army volunteers. We will be at the museum from 10am until 2pm and a vegetarian lunch will be provided.
  • Cantor Laloum will take a choir to perform at Montefiore Homes and Gary Smorgan House. A rehearsal will take place at TBI at 9am and then members of the choir will travel to the aged care facilities. This activity will conclude at 2.30pm.
  • Isabelle de Solier will lead our Floral Acts of Kindness activity. We will be creating flower bouquets at TBI from 10.30am until 12.30pm. These bouquets will delivered later to the residents of an aged care centre.
  • A team of volunteers will go to the St Kilda Mums Warehouse to sort donations. This activity will run from 10am until 1pm.
  • We will be cooking meals in the TBI kitchen to be used for our “Take them a meal” program supporting our members who are bereaved or unwell. Cooking will be from 1-4pm.

To sign up for these activities, please use this link: MITZVAH DAY SIGN UP

Remember to wear your Mitzvah Day t-shirt. If you do not have a Mitzvah Day shirt, a few will be available at TBI or you can wear any green shirt.

We look forward to seeing you on Mitzvah Day!

If you cannot participate in any Mitzvah Day activities, and are able to help financially, please contact Ellen Frajman on 9510 1488 or [email protected].
Funds are needed to buy food for the family picnic and the “Take them a meal” project and to buy supplies for the flower bouquets.