With its international headquarters at the Florence Melton Institute of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Melton School forms an international network of community-based schools offering adults the opportunity to acquire Jewish literacy in an open, trans-denominational, intellectually stimulating learning environment.

TBI is proud to be the Melbourne home of the Florence Melton School of Jewish Learning and offers both the Core Curriculum and regular Scholar Courses.

All Melton Classes are taught online.

Scholars Curriculum

Exploring a Forgotten World: A Social History of Medieval Jewry as Revealed in the Cairo Genizah

Dr Simon Holloway is an Education Officer at the Sydney Jewish Museum and a sessional lecturer at the University of Sydney, where he teaches Jewish History. Simon holds a PhD from the University of Sydney, for which he investigated the function of metaphors in the Hebrew Bible. His current research concerns allusions to the Talmud in Yiddish letters of the Holocaust

This ancient-era version of reality TV gives you a front-row seat to the drama, gossip, legal transactions, and other daily intrigues – straight from the Middle Ages. This course brings to life an exotic era in Jewish history, revealing the inner thoughts of real-life characters and exploring the daily interactions and behaviors of Jewish men, women and families living along the Mediterranean more than 1,000 years ago.

All of this has been uncovered through the discovery of a collection of worn-out scraps, text fragments and documents from ancient times.

Come along for a journey of intrigue and adventure!


Online course taught by Dr Simon Holloway
10 Sessions beginning: Thursday 8 October 2020 7pm – 8.30pm.
$295 including e-reader.

Jewish Mysticism: Tracing the history of Kabbalah

Moving beyond Madonna, red strings, and pop-culture, this study provides a deep, accurate, and intellectually honest understanding of the historical backdrop that led to the birth of an esoteric Jewish tradition alongside the societal and cultural changes that shaped and reshaped it throughout the centuries.

This course offers learners the framework to understand how Jewish mysticism developed while utilizing the primary texts that have been central to the tradition. While deeply grounded in scholarship, each class will include discussions that address the timeless mysteries of human existence along with numerous other eternal and universal questions.

Dr. Orna Triguboff was awarded a doctorate in Kabbalah from Sydney University, specializing in the Kabbalah of Rabbi Isaac Luria of Safed in the 16th century and the study of angels. She has also been a meditation and yoga teacher for over 20 years both in Australia and internationally. For more info go to

Online course taught by Dr Orna Triguboff
8 sessions on Monday evenings beginning: 19 October – 7 December 2020 7.30 – 9pm. Cost: $295 including e-reader

Core Curriculum

The Purposes of Jewish Living

Why do Jews believe as they do? What are the big questions of life and how do Jewish thinkers answer these questions? This course explores both ancient and modern responses to many of the major issues of Jewish thought and theology.

The Rhythms of Jewish Living

What’s the point of living Jewishly? What ideas, beliefs, and practices are involved? This course examines a wide variety of Jewish sources to discover the deeper meanings underlying Jewish holidays, lifecycle observances, and Jewish practice.

In person classes taught by Rabbi Gersh Lazarow, Rabbi Kim Ettlinger & Cantor Michel Laloum