Tikkun Project

glass sphere_sumi-eTikkun Project is a social action group for young Jewish teens (TBI Members or Non-Members) who have a deep passion for hands-on social justice. This participant driven program educates and empowers Jewish teens, providing a platform for them to develop into philanthropic leaders. Each semester of Tikkun Project focuses on one core Jewish value. After gaining a deep understanding of this value, participants will create and complete four or more offsite social action project.

Why Tikkun Project?

Provide participants with an understanding of Jewish Values (middot), Tzedakah and our responsibility to the greater community.

  • Create and facilitate offsite social action activities.
  • Interact with organisations and individuals working to make a difference in the community.
  • Allow participants to drive their own learning and project development.
  • Provide a social context for young Jewish teens to develop relationships while simultaneously enriching their personal Jewish identities.
 Tikkun Project Flyer