Services & Festivals


Each day at Tamid concludes with the entire school community gathered together for weekday evening t’filah (prayer service).

Tamid t’filah is an experience unto itself, introducing students to relevant liturgical interpretation and fresh musical repertoire that is not only educational, but engaging. We meet in the Friedlander where we engage the students in visual t’filah for the last 20 minutes of the day. Parents are welcome to join us. Visual t’filah is a wonderful way of using technology to bring prayer to life.

Our weekly services are an excellent way for students to not only become familiarised with the prayers and liturgical concepts that they’ll need to know for their b’nei mitzvah, but also to form a lasting connection to them.

There are even more opportunities for prayer with the TBI Tamid community:

  • Family Shabbat (first Friday of the month, 6pm, for families with primary-school-aged children)
  • Tot Shabbat (third Saturday of the month, 9.30am, for families with children in kinder and younger)
  • High Holy Days & Festivals (Tot and Family Services)