Tamid Curriculum


Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. It has kept the Jewish community together and is a bond between Jews around the world. We will use various education programs suitable for your child’s specific age group and ability. Hebrew complements and supports the Jewish studies program as well as the prayer moments both during the week, on Shabbat and holidays.

Prep-Year 1

Students who are in Prep, Year 1 and 2 will be in class together. There is no assigned textbook. Students will learn the letters through art, flashcards, supplementary sheets and games.

Year 2 & 3

Year 2-3 will build on their learning from previous years. Should students be new to the Tamid Program this year, they will receive individual tuition.

Aleph (Year 3-4 only)

Students will be introduced to reading prayers and writing. There will be a greater focus on reading fluency and accuracy. Different resources, worksheets, games, activities, and workbooks will be used to create a multi-faceted approach to basic Hebrew learning.


Students who already have some Hebrew experience will be placed in Bet. They will have the opportunity to transform their basic reading skills into the ability to read full sentences and prayers.


Students in Gimmel will continue to master their Hebrew reading and writing skills. The class will look at the structure of Shabbat Morning services and the prayers involved. Students will supplement their b’nei mitzvah education as they develop an understanding of the key prayers, as well as create their own relationship to t’filah. They will also gain a basic knowledge of conversational Hebrew, and Hebrew phrases and words relating to Jewish ritual and holidays.


This is for students who have completed Gimmel and are advanced with their Hebrew. A modern Hebrew component is included in Dalet and some more advances prayers are included.

Individual Tuition

For students new to the Tamid Learning Program, we will offer individual tuition to get them up to speed so that they can join one of the appropriate levels for their age. Should further tuition be needed, we will advise parents on what is required so that students feel they are reaching their potential.



Jewish festivals at Tamid are celebrated with special days of chugim (electives). These programs are an opportunity for our students to be immersed in Jewish learning through fun, dynamic, hands-on activities and experiences. Examples of some of our previous chugim are mezuzah making and other crafts, Israeli dancing, contemporary Jewish music workshops, and more…

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is the core of any education program aside from Hebrew. We are tackling Jewish Studies with a new approach.

Prep and Year 1

Jewish Identity is the main theme of the Prep and year 1 curriculum. During the year, students will learn about themselves, their shul, prayer and God as well as the Bible. Sessions surrounding the Jewish holidays will focus on the essential questions: Why do we celebrate? How do the symbols make me feel and what is my connection to the story? Previously this class included Year 2.

Year 2-3

Year 2-3 will explore Jewish Heroes and what it means to be a hero in today’s world. They will also discover Jews from around the world and finally learn about g’milut chasadim. Acts of genuine kindness. Certianly the festivals as they fall will populate the curriculum too with lots of fun activities to ensure learning is fun and meaningful.

Year 4

Year four is a foundation age for understanding the importance of a strong Jewish identity. This is then supported by the symbols that go along with Jewish identity first in the home and then in the synagogue and around the community. There will also be a strong focus on mitzvot this year and some of the main values embedded in the main bible bible stories such as Jonah and the Whale and Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Year 5

Beginning with Jewish Identity, students will learn about the value of community and about Jews around the world. Students will learn about their families past and the present. Students will also tackle the Jewish value of learning how to argue and debate respectfully and the value of peace. Sessions surrounding the Jewish holidays will focus on the question: How does the holiday connect us to the Jewish people past, present and future?

Year 6

Preparing for bar and bat mitzvah is part of the Year 6 curriculum. Students will spend the year understanding the importance of ‘mitzvah’ in bar/bat mitzvah. Some of the mitzvot that students will learn include mitzvot and me which includes taking care of our bodies, mitzvot and my family which includes respect for parents and elders and “mitzvot and my community”, which covers everything from the environment to protecting our animals, to social justice. The essential question for students to discover is ‘What are my obligation in life, both as a youth and adult.

Year 7

Hot Topics is the focus of the Year 7 Curriculum. During the year, students will learn about issues they face daily and how to respond Jewishly. Topics will include (but not limited to): Mi Ani:  Who am I and what labels do I carry?; Shmirtat HaGuf: Body Image; and Lo Levayesh: Not Embarassing. Year 7 will look at Jewish views on handling issues they see in their lives such as bullying, social media, consumerism, refugees and animal experimentation.