Tamid Learning Program, Tuesdays 4-6.15pm

TBI TAMID with Kim

Making Lasting Jewish Memories

We believe that traditional classroom learning is not an effective way to impart a love of Jewish life to our children, so we created an after-school learning program that is activity based, focusing on social-emotional behavioural education within a Jewish context.

Our engaging, hands-on, project-based learning program makes Judaism accessible and relevant to young people because we believe that children learn best when they enjoy themselves. Focused on providing an informal, high-quality learning environment in which children love being together, we bring Torah to life through explorations of Hebrew, Jewish Studies, and all-school t’filah (prayer service).  

Find your connection to our program by reading more about our curriculum and discover how to make Judaism a part of your student’s life both on our campus and in your home through our Tamid program.

Enrol now by contacting our Tamid Coordinator Felicity Perry: [email protected]

Our experiential educators look forward to working with you to build the Jewish future through our Tamid learning program.

Tamid Program Guiding Principles

  • We believe in active participation and fostering a sense of belonging to TBI.
  • We believe in creating an inclusive atmosphere regardless of a family’s Jewish background.
  • We believe in active Jewish learning and living through Jewish experiences.
  • We believe in the spirit of community, making being Jewish fun, exciting, and something of which to be proud.
  • We believe in fostering a proud and a strong Jewish identity by imparting the joys of our tradition via Jewish learning through the senses.
  • We believe in instilling curiosity, passion and enthusiasm as an integral part of Jewish learning.
  • We believe in creating students who are confident readers of Hebrew, who understand the meaning behind the prayers they recite.
  • We believe in encouraging participation and leading of shul services.
  • We believe that bar or bat mitzvah is part of Jewish life.
  • We believe in a living Judaism, taught and practised through ethics, values, traditions and rituals.
  • We believe in a sense of belonging to a caring, inclusive, and meaningful community.
  • We believe in connecting what is learned and practised at synagogue to what is practised and valued at home.