B’nei Mitzvah Resources

T’filah Tutor


The T’filah Tutor is an online learning tool to assist students in their practice at home, between one-on-one tutoring sessions. The T’filah Tutor is linked to recordings of each of the read or sung prayers.

The T’filah Tutor is ideal for students newer to Hebrew, as it does not contain the transliteration that can be found in the Mishkan T’filah. This helps students to consolidate their Hebrew before reading from their siddur.

Please find below recordings of each of the prayers, which can be listened to individually.

Trope Trainer

Trope or Cantillation is the name given to the chanting of Torah. The chants are written out using symbols and combinations of symbols. The chants help us to create phrasing and place emphasis on the correct syllables.

The Trope Trainer helps students to learn each combination of symbols. There are 41 combinations, but many are variations of the same core phrase. Each combination is differentiated by colour, set of symbols and tune.

When put together, students can develop the skills to chant any section of the Torah.

You will find the Torah Cantillation sheets below. You can also listen to the separate tracks of the Torah Cantillation below.