Kol Nidrei Appeal 2019

Building on our Foundation


Throughout our history, TBI has relied on the generosity of members and friends to support our programs and ensure our growth and development.
Our founders had a vision of a synagogue that would be relevant, accessible and quintessentially Australian. Enthusiastically they gave both time and money to our congregation when most had little of either.
Their children and the generation that followed were equally bold in their desire to grow our movement and worked tirelessly to seed communities and establish schools.
The third generation has brought passion and professionalism to TBI, and has helped to ensure that we are Melbourne’s preeminent House of Prayer while also quickly becoming a vital House of Assembly and a respected House of Learning. We rightfully have much to be proud of.
Thanks to your incredible support over recent years, we will soon commence building works on the Gateway Project and that will achieve all that we have promised in protecting our facility and safeguarding our community with a new entrance.
Our challenge now is to secure our future by ensuring that TBI continues to be a place of meaning and belonging for our children and grandchildren – the fourth and fifth generations of our congregation – by reducing our dependence on membership income to fund our operations and further growth.
To achieve this, the Board has approved the launch of the TBI Foundation with the goal of building a fund that will, in time, transform our synagogue operations and the nature of our community.
Thanks to a generous bequest, a visionary donation, and the seed money collected during last year’s Kol Nidrei Appeal, the fund is already growing but needs your continued support.
To help us in this effort please consider ticking the box on the form linked below, inviting us to provide you with details about how you can support this visionary endeavour in your lifetime or remember us in your will. In the meantime, we ask that you continue to give generously either to TBI directly, or help us to release operational funds by giving to our tax-deductible education and cultural funds.
Together we can ensure that Temple Beth Israel continues to build on our extraordinary foundation.