High Holy Days

The High Holy Days are replete with different meanings for every individual. We gather together to share in a purposeful experience.

Each of our needs are different, yet we gather as a community, to see each other, to catch-up, and to find meaning in these ancient services and rituals. We strive to find points of connection for everybody who visits Temple Beth Israel.

We look to create meaningful prayer experiences that resonate with all members of our community. We believe that we try to help our members find integration and meaning, whatever their background or age group.

On both Rosh HaShanah morning and Yom Kippur morning, bright and early, we have services geared towards very small children, from birth to six years old. These short and lively services bring together a beautiful combination of children’s songs, traditional melodies, story and action. In years gone by the Rabbis have dressed up and put on plays while maintaining the essence of Rosh HaShanah with shofar blasts, and Yom Kippur with the idea of being ‘sorry’ for our past actions and striving to be better. We encourage grandparents, parents and extended relatives to join in and be part of the High Holy Day Tots Services.

For families looking for a somewhat different experience from the Main Services, we offer Family Services, which entail a mix of contemporary readings, songs and all the main elements of the High Holy Day liturgy. Beautiful music is created by guitar and voice, and one leaves feeling uplifted. These services are also shorter than the Main Service, as we recognise that families with primary-school-aged children might not sit comfortably for as long as is traditional in the Main Sanctuary.