Geirut Program

The reasons why a person might consider converting are varied. Many are involved in a romantic relationship with someone Jewish and wish to unite the family religiously. Others are on a spiritual search and learn about Judaism through such means as reading, hearing a lecture, attending a Jewish religious ceremony, and so on.

Our Geirut (conversion) Program is a unique learning program that has been crafted by the Rabbis of Temple Beth Israel to support individuals and families interested in deepening their knowledge and experience of Judaism.

Importantly, no two people have the same journey towards Judaism. We believe that our Judaism by Choice program is perfectly suited to allow participants to choose their level of engagement and involvement. If you are interested, the next step is to arrange a formal meeting with one of our Rabbis who will outline the Geirut Program and invite you to enrol.

The Geirut program uses the Melton School Core Curriculum as the primary education course and we have two intakes a year – February and August.

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