Kashrut & Catering

Kashrut Policy

The Kashrut Policy aims to ensure that there is clarity and consistency as to the foods that are permitted to be served, consumed and stored on the TBI site and at TBI events and functions. We believe that for Progressive Jews in current times Kashrut observance is a sanctifying practice. As Progressive Jews we strive for a balance between ethics, Jewish Law (Halacha) and the practicalities of living in contemporary society as K’lal Yisrael (All Jewish people). The Progressive Jewish values of Shleimut (doing what is fit, right and true), Shalom Bayit (peace in the home) and Shmirut Haguf (looking after one’s body) are all taken into account throughout this policy.

• This policy applies to TBI staff, lay leaders, volunteers, congregants, visitors and caterers.

• The policy extends to events sponsored by TBI that are held offsite.

• The policy makes clear our practice and allows for people to make an informed choice about their own practice.

Click here to read the full Kashrut Policy

Kiddush Catering

Please contact Fiona Zlotnik at [email protected] to arrange a celebratory kiddush after the service.