CelebrateThe traditions and values of Judaism embrace each person’s entire life from the time they enter the world as a Jewish person and long after their death, as their memory is regularly remembered and invoked by their family, friends and community. Progressive Judaism has an egalitarian approach to all these life-cycle events. The Jewish life-cycle commences at the time of birth, adoption or conversion, and is accompanied by special prayers and rituals to mark entry into the covenant. These include circumcision and naming for a male and a naming ceremony for a female. In Progressive Judaism, boys and girls celebrate becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah by reading from the Torah and leading the community in prayer, marking the time when they are counted as full members of the congregation and the family of Israel.

Marriage has tremendous significance in Judaism, as it signifies the coming together of two individuals to create a Jewish family, with the potential to create future generations. Progressive Judaism values the importance of sanctifying relationships of same-sex couples, and Progressive rabbis also officiate at commitment ceremonies.