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  • When most people think of holidays, they think of annual celebrations, but in Judaism there is one holiday that occurs every week - the Sabbath. Known in Hebrew as Shabbat and in Yiddish as Shabbos, this holiday is central to Jewish Life. As the great Jewish writer, Adad Ha-Am has observed: "More than the Jewish people has kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jewish people." The Sabbath truly has been a unifying force for Jews the wo[...]
  • We want you to start brainstorming about how we can be Shomeir Shabbat - how we can observe Shabbat in ways that will work for us and our families. We want to share these ideas with each other, and invite you to "hash-tag" your experiences via social media so that we can join in this journey together. Posting public content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #ShabbatMatters will feed directly to this page. //
  • Gesher Shabbat Gesher Shabbat, so named after the Hebrew word for "bridge," is a service that seeks to fulfill its title: connecting community members to prayer and providing an alternative path for spiritual engagement. Within this prayer experience, there is opportunity for both musical connection and textual learning, as Gesher features both guitar-accompanied music and a stimulating group discussion about the Torah portion of the week. Th[...]
  • Education has always been a cornerstone of Jewish life. We offer each person an opportunity to create his or her own individualised learning program by choosing from the varied and growing list of options available. Lunch 'n' Learn On the fourth Shabbat of the month after services (excluding public holiday weekends and Jewish holidays), join us for a casual lunch with a guest speaker and discussion. Services end at around 12.15pm. Lunch 'n'[...]
  • Our two Family Services, Family Shabbat and Tot Shabbat, offer meaningful Shabbat experiences for families with children of all ages. We look forward to spending Shabbat with you and your family. Family Shabbat | 1st Friday of the month, 6pm Falling on the first Friday of each month, Family Shabbat is a vibrant, refreshing, hands-on Shabbat experience including youth involvement, activities and the latest Jewish melodies. This service is perfec[...]