Pastoral Care

Julie Howard & Yehudit KoadlowJewish Healing has been described in different ways — as acceptance, a healing of emotional wounds, or a personal journey towards wholeness. However described, Jewish healing practices can lead to important insights, powerful changes, and a sense of peace when facing illness, loss, death, and grief.

Whether through prayer, specialised rituals, education, information or simply a listening presence, Temple Beth Israel can help you during these difficult times. When one of our members is suffering or ill, our clergy console and guide them and their loved ones. For the ill, requests to Temple Beth Israel bring visits from fellow Temple members trained to offer warmth and support.

For those nearing death and their loved ones, our rabbis provide comfort and spiritual guidance.

Please contact Cantor Michel Laloum at [email protected] or call our 24-hour Pastoral Care Line at 9039 1818 to organise support and spiritual guidance.

During regular office hours, please call 9510 1488 to contact your Rabbi or Cantor of choice.