The B’nei Mitzvah Experience

B'nei Mitzvah

Our B’nei Mitzvah Program helps to prepare young synagogue members for the privileges and responsibilities of Jewish adulthood. A bar/bat mitzvah at TBI is a special and emotional experience for the family. The Rabbis and staff will ensure that both the months of preparation and the event are meaningful and personal.

Bar/bat mitzvah literally means son or daughter of the commandments. The bar/bat mitzvah ceremony marks a transformation in the role that your child will play in the TBI community, as well as in the wider Jewish community. While we know that in practice a 13-year-old is not quite an adult, we use this ceremony to celebrate a new stage in your child’s development.

Preparation for the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony is an exciting process. The skills that your child will learn will enable him or her to become a mature participant in synagogue life, and marks the beginning of Jewish adulthood. At TBI each student learns in both a group setting, which develops a sense of community, and receives private tutoring sessions for personal attention to their unique needs and abilities. The tutors teach the students their Torah and haftarah portions, as well as key prayers in the service. The students also work with the Rabbis in preparing the drash or Torah commentary that they deliver before leyning (chanting) Torah during the service.

At TBI we listen to you and your family, and help to craft a service that suits your child and family. This may be a service that is more or less traditional. It may be at any service when Torah is read – Shabbat Shacharit, Shabbat Minchah, a Monday or Thursday service. Let us help you to celebrate your child’s coming of age in a meaningful and personal way.

Contact our B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator on 03 9510 1488 or [email protected]