Bet Olam Jewish Funerals

Bet Olam Jewish Funerals’ practices are grounded in the unshakable belief in the sanctity of human life, the dignity of the person, and the emotional and spiritual needs of the mourners.  Bet Olam seeks to maintain the customs and traditions of the Jewish people, to help the mourners provide a funeral for their loved ones with the greatest respect and dignity and to support the mourners.

Our funeral services are generally held at Jewish Memorial Gardens which is part of the Springvale Botanical Cemetery and are conducted by Progressive Rabbis.

Bet Olam seeks to honour the wishes of those people who prefer to be cremated rather than buried.  By making your wishes known, whatever path you may choose, Bet Olam Jewish Funerals can help your family at this most difficult time.

For further information please contact 9883-6237 or [email protected].