The Shabbat Window

Shabbat whole hi-resIn honour of the seventh day of creation… “and the heavens and earth and all their hosts were finished”.  The seventh day, the day of rest, is centred around the family, symbolised by the meal.  The hebrew letter Chai, “life”, forms the table on which the best cloths are laid and on which are set the Candles, “remember and observe” and the Kiddush cup, “celebrate”.  Hands shield the light as the blessing is said.  Placed on the table are the two challot and the salt falls like tears upon the bread, for within the love that binds us are the seeds of loss and grief.  Flowing from the top and bottom of the work, and symbolised by the Shabbat fish, is the blessing, “may your children multiply like stars in the sky and the sand in the sea”.  The exodus from Egypt, the founding of the Jewish nation, is remembered by the parting of the seas.  God’s blessing draws forth the bread (wheat) from the earth and God’s covenant, the rainbow, arches over all.