The Relationship & Love Window

Relship love whole hiResOur lives are shaped by how we treat each other.  Our relationships grow within the golden circle of our love, protected by our actions according to our contract with and vows to each other.  Similarly, the security of the next generation is bound within the family, just as the seed sprouts and grows in good earth and is nurtured with water.

The chuppah is symbolic of the bridal chamber, the tent and the roof of the home.  It is supported by trees planted at the birth of the couple.  In this case the trees are honey-myrtle or banksia in homage to the often used garlands of myrtle.  Their intertwining branches and roots echo the intertwined hands of the couple.

Blessings for the future are made by a shower of seeds and flowers of fertile plants and the benedictions to the union accompany the two cups of wine.  All takes place under the stars; may your progeny multiply like the stars in heaven.

However, the more we love the greater at times is our sorrow.  By the breaking of the glass we are reminded that sadness always intermingles with human happiness and we remember the tragedies present in Jewish history, especially the destruction of the Temple.

At the end, we are comforted that love endures until the broken fragments are whole again.