Kashrut & Catering

Kashrut Policy

Most of us know that food is essential to the Jewish experience. Every Jewish activity, festival or miscellaneous gathering has its own foods associated with it. TBI is concerned to ensure that its events are open and comfortable to the great majority of Jews, whatever their religious dietary requirements.

The Hebrew word kashrut, referring to rules of fitness or proper use, is the term given to the dietary laws within Judaism. These include rules regarding what animals, fish and birds can be eaten; prohibiting the mixing of milk and meat products at the same meal; and providing for the proper treatment of food in general.

To simplify kashrut at TBI, we restrict our kitchen to the serving of non-meat meals. This means that meat products are not allowed in the shul building. Whether it is for kiddushim, chavurah-style lunches or congregational dinners, only dairy, fish and parve foods will be served on the premises at TBI. If people bring salads, desserts or main courses for bring-a-dish meals, they are requested to avoid using any meat products whatsoever in their preparation.

We do occasionally hold BBQs in the fenced area in front of the synagogue. The meat served at these events is strictly kosher, paper plates and plastic utensils are used, and no non-kosher products are ever prepared on the BBQ. We ask the participants not to bring anything related to the meal into the synagogue.

By following these basic rules of kashrut, we hope to make dining at TBI a pleasurable experience for as many people as possible.

Kiddush Catering

Please contact Fiona Zlotnik at fiona.zlotnik@tbi.org.au to arrange a celebratory kiddush after the service.