Binah (understanding) is the experiential, hands-on learning component to the b’nei mitzvah journey at TBI. The course is comprised of 8-10 programs throughout the year, spanning a variety of topics relevant and accessible to young Jewish teens. It aims to develop camaraderie within the b’nei mitzvah class, while engaging the students in T’filah, Text, Jewish Values, Culture and Social Action. These shared learning experiences will be enhanced with shared social opportunities.

The course has two intakes each year to support students at different points in the b’nei mitzvah journey.Tfillin cropped

Binah Aleph 2016 runs from June – December. The Orientation for Binah Bet 2016 will take place in August, and the program will begin in November.

Please download a copy of the syllabus for Binah Aleph 2016 below:

 Binah Syllabus


B’nei Mitzvah Shared Social Events 2016

In addition to our shared learning experiences provided in the Binah (understanding) component of our B’nei Mitzvah Program, our B’nei Mitzvah Shared Social Events will allow students from different Binah groups (around years 6-8) to join together in a more relaxed social setting.

Events will include festival and Shabbat celebrations, social action opportunities and immersive cultural experiences.

 2016 Save The Dates

Binah & B’nei Mitzvah Shared Social Events are coordinated by B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator Tammy Cohen.
Tammy can be reached at or by calling 03 9510 1488 x819.