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Since our founding in 1930, Temple Beth Israel has been forming and transforming Jewish life in Melbourne, enriching the lives of our congregants through prayer, study and celebration. We are a community of meaning, dedicated to providing our members and friends with relevant and accessible pathways for Jewish engagement.
We believe in a living Judaism that respects our history while simultaneously engaging with the opportunities and challenges of the modern world.  TBI offers a wide range of programs, classes, services, lifecycle events, festivals, choirs, and clubs, and we welcome participation from members and friends, no matter of age or ability. We invite you to explore our website, and please join us for any of our services and activities or watch us live on TBI TV.

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  • 2 days left
  • Vidui and Teshuvah: From Death to Life (Summary of two sessions) In preparation for the High Holy Days, these two sessions outline the biblical history of atonement and set our modern practise of confessional prayer within that frame. We’ll explore the relation of death to repentance, and ways in which the Days of Awe can be understood as an individual and communal movement from symbolic death to life.
  • 2 days left
  • Selichot – a service beginning our High Holy Day's search for a true Cheshbon Nefesh, an accounting of our souls. This Saturday night at 9pm, our tradition is to have a service combining study and prayer. Selichot – literally meaning ‘prayers of forgiveness’, begins our work towards personal insight.
  • 14 days left
  • The Membership Committee is recommending two amendments to the TBI Constitution in an effort to allow us to include the non-Jewish parent in the family membership and communal life. These are important issues for our community to consider and discuss so the Membership Committee is hosting a number of community forums.  
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