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Since 1930, Temple Beth Israel has led the way for Progressive Jewish life in Melbourne. TBI is a community dedicated to providing relevant and accessible pathways for Jewish engagement. 

We believe in a living Judaism that respects our history while also engaging with the opportunities and challenges of the modern world.

TBI offers a wide range of programs, classes, services, lifecycle events, festivals, choirs, and clubs, and we welcome members and friends from the breadth of the Jewish community. We actively focus on inclusion, equality, social justice and human rights.

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Upcoming Events

  • 7 days left
  • Join Rabbi Gersh Lazarow for a four-part course at 7.30pm on Thursday evenings beginning 4 August, as he presents a Taste of Jewish History, exploring the last 2,000 years of our people's wandering, wondering and wisdom. Bookings: info@tbi.org.au
  • 8 days left
  • Every first and third Friday of each month, join residents, their families and friends for a warm and song-filled service led by TBI Rabbis. 4pm gather for a 4.30pm service.

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