Strengthening The Bonds

Since our founding in 1930, Temple Beth Israel has been forming and transforming Jewish life in Melbourne, enriching the lives of our congregants through prayer, study and celebration. We are a community of meaning, dedicated to providing our members and friends with relevant and accessible pathways for Jewish engagement.
We believe in a living Judaism that respects our history while simultaneously engaging with the opportunities and challenges of the modern world.  TBI offers a wide range of programs, classes, services, lifecycle events, festivals, choirs, and clubs, and we welcome participation from members and friends, no matter of age or ability. We invite you to explore our website, and please join us for any of our services and activities or watch us live on TBI TV.

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Upcoming Events

  • TBI Community Seder - The Pesach Seder is a time for us as a people join with friends and family to celebrate our freedom. Join us for a fully catered delicious dinner with wine and all the special seder food. A joyful celebratory event for the entire family.
  • TBI Women's Seder - Bring your mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, aunt or girlfriend to celebrate Jewish women through struggle and redemption. Women's seders have become a phenomenon of our time. Thousands of Jewish women throughout the world celebrate the Pesach Seder every year with an evening of ceremony and remembrance led by women for women.
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  • If prayer is about speaking with God, and Talmud is about arguing with God, Jewish theology asks the deeper question, “What do we mean by ‘God’ anyway”? How do our understandings of God impact on the way we lead our lives as Jews? Where do our religious beliefs come from, and how do they contribute to the ways we relate to other faith traditions and to Israel?
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